Learn How to Play the Digital Piano on Your Own


Learning to skillfully play a musical instrument such as an acoustic piano is an interesting way to spend one’s time at home and when it comes to the life of a musician, being able to play several instruments may be a sign of masterfulness and career success. American families have made great efforts to own and learn to play the piano for the last 3 centuries. There interest in practicing on the piano has been waning in recent years, with the instrument lying unused in the living rooms of most American families. A noted music authority at Maines, Mr.James Parakilas, believes that Americans still love the piano and the musical notes it can produce, but the time and expense involved have driven people to the digital space where great music can be created and enjoyed at lower costs and less effort. Some people have even gone to the extent of comparing playing and listening to piano generated music to watching programs and movies on black and white TV & Video technology. A 2005 survey commissioned by the Piano Manufacturers Association concluded indicated that 89% of kids who gave up on the piano blamed the too many other things they had to attend to.

Technology and innovations in the music industry have driven out the acoustic piano in favor of the digital piano. The digital piano is portable, is more affordable and comes with amazing digital features and capabilities. Continue and discover how you too may acquire the digital piano playing skills.

Try to examine the piano and get familiar with the features the same way you familiarize yourself with the features of a new digital mobile phone.

Look at all the keys and notice the patterns in which they are arranged.

Read books on music and learn the language of music; familiarize yourself with the language and things like notes ,chords, tunes and octaves.

Try to play one octave from start to finish such as B to B or C to C, mastering the process.

Try to master the intervals and timings, using each hand at a time. For further details regarding digital piano, check out https://www.britannica.com/art/piano.

Attempt to play on the digital piano songs from a record player. It is interesting to learn piano that there are available in the market digital pianos which have screens that show you how you are supposed to move your fingers. This ability is quite effective in helping you play melodies correctly.

Practice daily for about half hour and you will find it getting easier and easier every day. Play back tunes played and recorded by yourself, noting where mistakes occur and trying to play them right. You can record the tunes using the digital piano; yes, it has been enabled by the manufacturer. Progressively increase the speed or tempo at which you play, moving to a higher speed every time you master a level.

If you do not have a piano already, it is time to visit your local music instrument dealer or to shop from online stores for great bargains.


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